Room Additions

Need some more Room Space?
Having another kid and the house just not big enough?
Want to get your man Cave going create a hangout for your friends and family?

Room additions are a great way to increase your property value while solving space challenges. You love your home and neighborhood and some extra space will make it perfect for you and your family needs.We at Countywide Remodeling will take care of all the aspects of the project, from Planning stage and initial design, to Legal requirements, permits then technicality and functionality of all the aspects. During the construction work,we always make sure not to interfere with your daily routine.

Before the last stage of the project we inspect all the work and making sure it’s done to your satisfaction.Please call us to set up a consultation meeting to better understand your needs and wishes.Remember that any additional room can increase your home value significantly plus creating a fitted and a better living environment!