Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen is the Hub of the home, and there’s quite a lot of action happing in that room that bring family, food and great moments together. So if your kitchen needs a design touch up or an upgrade we can transform this important room to even more comfy or add some more function, smart space management, new tile cooking island can make a huge difference on the practical and the design aspect.
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Bathroom Remodeling

At the bathroom we share some intimate moments but also some fun mornings. Great Bathes, nice hot tubs and flattering Vanity Area Makes a great Impression. And allow you a great start for day or a nice and easy end to it Bathrooms can close the deal if you might considering selling your place. It’s one of those rooms that will make a difference of getting a great resell value for your home. If it’s time to bring some color and upgrade you bathroom experienceWe can recommend, lay it out and let the inspiration take over!Please call us for any questions!

Room Additions

Need some more Room Space? Having another kid and the house just not big enough?Want to get your man Cave going create a hangout for your friends and family?Room additions are a great way to increase your property value while solving space challenges. You love your home and neighborhood and some extra space will make it perfect for you and your family needs.We at Countywide Remodeling will take care of all the aspects of the project, from Planning stage and initial design, to Legal requirements,permits then technicality and functionality of all the aspects. During the construction work,we always make sure not to interfere with your daily routine.

Windows And Doors

Besides Protecting us from the outside and welcome our friends and family members , doors and windows will create a warm and familiar feel to your home it can open up a room, make it bright and bigger and welcoming.The windows will bring light or prevent it from entering for the right and needed mood The doors allow to add another design tier that compliments the house And its unique design and character. We offer a wide selection of great patterns, high quality materiel That will last for years to come, new colors and designs will give that house a new feel every day.

Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling can be limited to certain areas or can be a total make over.So even if it’s a bigger project or even niche one we are ready to make your dream home, your actual home! Again we will take care of all the aspects and phases of the project Starting with Planning all the way to your new renovated place And will work close with the client and make sure it meets all of their expectations Where design function and creativity meets.Pick up the phone and set up a meeting with our owner, or leave all your information in our Free Estimate Form!